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Expect to meet with the “woman in the pictures” and the person described in this website for an authentic connection that is worthy of my reviews. Please continue to read this section in its entirety to answer some of your questions and learn more about my expectations concerning our future experience together.

How will we plan our date?
Just as you are selective about whom you see, I am also selective so please complete my contact page. Please don’t be shy about sharing details regarding yourself. I make it a point to get to know everyone before I meet him. That is how genuine intimacy begins and what will help spark good chemistry for us both.

I know that you are excited about meeting me, but please do not email me on a daily basis before we meet. I have quite a busy schedule and cannot keep up with that kind of email traffic. Just as I respect your boundaries, I need you to respect mine.

Once you have been verified, I will give you a number where you can text me (no phone calls) on the date of our future meeting.  I only use this phone on the day of an appointment to confirm our scheduled meeting and to tie up any last minute loose ends. Please do not call or text me after our appointment for any reason. This number is only used to confirm appointments.

Email my assistant to schedule any future appointments with me.  For reasons of personal safety, she must know where I am at all times. 

If at any point, I believe us to not be a good match for each other I will not continue to entertain our courtship. In the event that I sense a connection between us, we can arrange to meet for a rendezvous.

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