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Existing Friends:
If you have met me before, please email me directly at  to let me know when you would like to get together. 

New Friends:
For all new friends, please fill out my Screening Form and provide me with the following information. For reasons of personal safety, I am very strict and detailed about the verification process. After we meet, I will dispose of your personal information.

P411 Members:
I accept P411 members.  If you are a member of Preferred 411, please send me an appointment request directly via their system for account verification. However, you will still need to complete my contact form.  

Procedure if you do not have references:

  1. Your full true name.
  2. Your cell number.
  3. Your place of business and position held there.
  4. The website for your business.
  5. Link to your Linkedin account.
  6. Please email me a short explanation as to why do not have any references.
  7. A contact number for your business, and your personal extension there. 
  8. Please send me an email from your work email account to my discreet private email account. When you have completed steps 1-6, I will share my vanilla email with you.
  9. Please send me a pic of yourself holding your license in one hand and a post-it with today's date on it in your other hand. Your name, picture,  and DOB must be visible.

If you are willing to follow all of these steps to ensure our safety, I will be willing to see you without references. Otherwise,  please contact me in the future, when you have them. For reasons of personal safety, this is the procedure that I follow.

Within 24 hours, I will acknowledge receiving your contact form via email. In order to expedite the verification process, please provide me with references as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your patience.

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Website Disclaimer

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